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Reflection for April 15, 2012

Reflection for April 15, 2012

Feel like a doubting Thomas? We all do occasionally

by Sister Carolyn Zahringer

The setting for today's Gospel is the evening of the first day of the week when the disciples (though not all) were together in a locked room.  It's evening, Jesus has been put to death. Why isn't Thomas with them?  Do you wonder what he was doing? What was he thinking? Whatever pushed him to be out "searching" in the darkness of evening for "something"?

Jesus enters the locked room and stands in their midst.  He didn't knock to get their attention, he merely appears in their midst.  What would that have felt like to be there that evening?  Jesus comes and stands in the circle of their fear and wishes them peace.

Today is the second Sunday for us to celebrate the "EASTER" event, we practice becoming brave to move out from behind our own locked doors to celebrate the fact that Jesus is ALIVE! We are surrounded by the love and the mercy of God in the person and gift of Jesus. Through Jesus' wounds we are healed and made whole -- a miracle in time.

Jesus comes to visit us in our "Thomas" moments of questioning and searching. In each Eucharistic moment, may we find the courage and grace to utter with Thomas: "My Lord and My God."


Maybe Tom was out researching the fantastic rumor the women had been spreading that morning?
Thanks for your insights, Carrie.

Very Nice Reflection!

Sister Carolyn, I appreciate the images that you offered...especially "locked in a circle of fear." I have experienced the way fear hinders freedom to truly be like a trusting child who confidently moves forward to embrace God's truth, beauty, and love. sta

This is a great reflection, Carrie.

Thank you, Sister, for helping us overcome our doubts and fears.


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