Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection of June 18, 2017

by Sister Laura Zelten

Companionship, self-sacrifice and teaching the faith. We celebrate these gifts twice on Sunday – once for Father’s Day and again for the Feast of Corpus Christi.

The Feast of Corpus Christi draws our attention to Jesus’ abiding Eucharistic presence for us. Each scripture reading refers to a meal that is shared and its effects.

Does my life reflect the joy of knowing and receiving God’s gift of love poured forth through Jesus’ offering of his Body and Blood? Do I appreciate that the Eucharist makes me part of a community, the very body of Christ?

Lord Jesus, help me to say “yes” to your presence in the sacrament of the Eucharist so I may also say “yes” to your presence in me and in all those I encounter day by day.  Amen.


What if the last 'prayer,' as written here, is reversed ... What if I say "YES" to goodness, and beauty, and rightfulness, and kindness, and caring, and compassion, and truthfulness, and (w) holiness, and wellness, and integrity, and awesome-ness, and reverence, and playfulness, and delightfulness, and sincere-ness and wonderful-ness within myself; and I say "YES" to these qualities within others -- within so, so very many others -- all others, who, like myself are soul-images of Goodness, and Beauty, and Rightfulness, and Kindness, and Caring, and Compassion, and Truthfulness, and (W) Holiness, and Wellness, and Integrity, and Awesome-ness, and Reverence, and Playfulness, and Delightfulness, and Sincere-ness, and Wonderful-ness, and however and wherever these soul-image-and-likeness qualities are marred, we seek healing for one and every other ... What would our experience and expression of Eucharist look like, then? What if we actually WERE 'the body of ...' "CHRIST?" What would a procession on "Corpus Christi" Sunday look like, then?
(Just thinking ... religious imagination ... awareness ... wondering ... pondering ... holding all ... in my heart ... eucharist as contemplation ... communion as social action ... for the good of each ... for the good of all ... for the 'common good')

What if I 'see' these qualities within children? What if 'I am' a 'child' of God? What then?

Thank you, Sr. Laura, you exhibit that love so beautifully by being you and welcoming all to the table of communion.


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