Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Sept. 9, 2018

by Sister Agnes Fischer

In Sunday's Gospel we hear of Jesus restoring a man's ability to hear and speak.

Jesus, you who make the deaf hear; open my ears:

Jesus, you who make the mute speak; loosen my tongue:

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CommentBubbleThank you, Sister, for reminding all of us that all we have to do is pray and we will receive for GOD is always at our side. -- Emma

CommentBubble"Ephphatha" indeed; beautiful reflection and important reminders in our current cultural climate. Thank you! -- Michelle

CommentBubbleLord, Jesus, if you will speak "Ephphatha! ... Be opened!" over my heart, it will be done. This is what I ask of you today, and every day, Lord, Jesus. Speak "Ephphatha!" upon and within my heart. Amen. -- Linda

CommentBubbleNice work, Aggie. These are words and thoughts that are much needed in this “me first” society we find ourselves in today. Always good to be reminded of the goodness of Jesus and the better side of ourselves. -- Bette



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