Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Sept. 6, 2015

How can we better respond to Jesus' blessings in our lives?

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Sunday's Gospel tells us that Jesus opened the ears and loosened the tongue of the deaf mute. We pray:

You who make the deaf hear and the mute speak, hear our prayer.


I love "THINK", now to put it in practice!

A beautiful reflection, and I also love THINK. Thank you!

It is all so TRUE. It is all so HELPFUL. It is all so INSPIRING. It is all so NECESSARY. It is all so KIND.
(Sounds like words that describe God, actually -- as in "Holy Spirit." As in "JESUS.") Thanks for all the good words! :+)

Thank you excellent reflection for these days.

Excellent! The whole Christian life in a nutshell.!

If anyone saw Pope Francis w/ David Muir on 20/20 Friday evening, listening and responding to REAL people via a virtual audience, you know THINK is a part of who-he-is.

Thinking of THINK, you might like to check out this song:
Click on small arrow on right to get to the song.

Thanks Aggie for simple, powerful challenge!


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