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Reflection for Sept. 28, 2014

Reflection for Sept. 28, 2014

An open heart is the first step to integrating God's ways

by Carla Schommer
St. Francis Convent Director

Jesus asks a question of faith, not one of social standing, character or reputation: Which son did the will of the Father?  Openness and repentance are the keys that lead us to the change of mind and heart drawing us ever closer to God. Which of the two sons are you more like? We are all sinners and perhaps we are a little bit like both.  Often we can be like the first brother, or like the tax collectors and prostitutes Jesus references, and openly say no with both our words and our ways.  Then, like them, we have a change of mind and heart, repent, and do the work God asks.  Other times we can be self-righteous like the second son, or the Pharisees, and pay lip-service to God's call.

Like it or not, we argue with God.  It is our human struggle.  We ask, "Lord, teach us your ways."  We pray, "Lord, Thy will be done."  Yet, often our actions say, "Lord, Thy will be changed!" because our words say "yes" but our lives say "no."  Our ways need to be God's ways.  Our attitudes need to be ones that exemplify the mind and heart of Jesus.  Our intimate self-interest is in loving others.

May our relationship with others be marked by unity, love, humility and consideration for the interests of others.  Peace in our families, communities and world, and eternal life with our God will be the fruits when our ways are God's ways.


Beautiful and wise words Carla..."our attitudes need to be ones that exemplify the mind and heart of Jesus", and "our intimate self-interest is in loving others".
Thank you for reminding me!

Carla, your message made me think of St. Paul's words - "Unhappy person that I am! The good that I want to do, I don't do. The bad that I don't want to do, I do." The light and the darkness are part and parcel of our lives. But God's mercy covers all! Thank you for sharing!


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