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Reflection for Sept. 20, 2015

Reflection for Sept. 20, 2015

'The fruit of righteousness is sown in peace' -- James 3:18

Sept. 21 is International Day of Peace. The word "peace" appears in the Bible approximately 250 times. In the New Testament, Jesus gives us peace and sends us forth in peace time and again.

Reflective questions:

In this year of mercy, I can think of no way to have or to know peace without mercy.

Thank you for this reflection. On a global level, I pray for an end to war. Secondly, I work with NGOs at the United Nations, especially UNANIMA. I also advocated with Congress to support the Iran Nuclear Agreement, which aims to prevent further conflict in the Middle East.

That's what I like...brief and thought provoking!

Thanks, Renae!


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