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Reflection for Sept. 16, 2012

Reflection for Sept. 16, 2012

What is your God-given gift and how do you use it?

by Sister Paulette Hupfauf

The responsorial response for today stood out as I reflected on today's readings: "I shall walk before the Lord in the Land of the Living."

We are the feet of Jesus, we are the hands of Jesus, we are the voice of Jesus on this earth since Jesus ascended into heaven. Each of us does this using our God-given talents. Therefore, our way of walking before the Lord in the Land of the Living is unique.

In the reading from Isaiah, we hear that "the Lord God opens my ear that I may hear." Also, that "the Lord God is my help." In the Letter of St. James we hear, "What good is it if someone says she has faith but does not have works? … Faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead."

We never walk before the Lord here on earth without constant help from God. God is with us in all times!

May our reflection this week include the following two questions:

Thanks, Paulette....brief and to the point. So often people are unaware of the impact their words and actions have on others. Me, too. Thanks for the reminder.

Good questions to ponder. It makes me think "what can I do"?


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