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Reflection for Sept. 11, 2016

Reflection for Sept. 11, 2016

It is well worth celebrating our return to our Loving Creator

by Sister Francis Bangert

Lost and found could be the tagline for Sunday’s Gospel from Luke.  A lost sheep, a lost coin, a lost son describe all of us at some point in our lives.

The key message in these stories is not that we are lost, but that we have been found.  The shepherd, the woman, the father are images of a God who searches relentlessly, diligently, patiently for our home-coming.  Though imperfect, we are precious and extremely valuable in God’s eyes and loved with a tender, unending love. Unearthing this truth is cause for great joy.

My participation in support groups for women and men whose lives are tarnished by incarceration and/or addictive behavior has taught me that their humble gratitude in recovery leads to praise God for "finding" them.

Each day, we are called to remember the Holy One’s mercy and forgiveness in our own lives.

(“There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy,” verse 2)


Love this reflection! Thank you!

Dear Sister,
This is a very inspiring message and I need to remind myself that I am loved in spite of my faults.
Thank You

Your kindness and generosity in helping the lost (or newly-found) is a real blessing as well, Sister Fran. Thank you!

Thank you, Sr. Fran, for this beautiful message that you know from the depth of people's lives.

I love that song, the lyrics and music are like a balm to my soul. Thank you, Francis, for reminding us that we are sought and found with Love.

Thank you, Sister Fran, for your thoughts of inspiration. I loved when you wrote, "The key message in these stories is not that we are lost, but that we have been found." It reminds me of the verse of one of my favorite songs, "Amazing Grace", "I once was lost but now I'm found." How we rejoice in God's mercy and forgiveness and perfect Love."
Prayers of Joy to you, Sister Fran. Love in Christ, Loretta

What a 'saving grace,' indeed, and in deed! God searches and searches until God FINDS US!!!
I am reminded of a priest-friend who told me many years ago, in a very kind, caring, and thoughtfully wise manner, "if you [we] are looking for God, God is also looking for you [us]."

This was an incredible revelation for me at the time, and it remains ever-so-much more-so even (or especially) now, with so much "lost-ness" in our world .......

You have wonderful insight, Sr. Fran! And you put your incredible gifts to such good use ... for the benefit of all, especially those who most need to know (believe in) and experience and accept and grow in God's Love ....Thank you so much!


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