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Reflection for Sept. 1, 2013

Reflection for Sept. 1, 2013

How do you 'sit' at the table of life?

by Sister Charlene Hockers

What does humility mean to you? Does it mean putting yourself down or acting like others are better than you? Or does it mean recognizing the gifts given to you by God and sharing them with others through service?

Our first reading and Gospel both speak of humility today. Sirach begins by addressing us as  "My child." "My child, conduct your affairs with humility and you will be loved more than gifts." In Jesus' parable, in the Gospel of Luke, we hear Jesus tell us to take the lowest place at the table so the host can invite us to a higher position. And more importantly, when we give a banquet, we are to invite the poor, the lame and blind so they can't repay us. Can we do that?

Use your gifts to build God's kingdom. Look up, look within, and reach out!

God, my Father, teach me true humility as I praise you, love your people, and serve your Church.
(from "Word Among Us," Sept. 2013)


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Chapters 27 & 28, US Catholic Catechism for Adults

by Sister Mary Kabat

The first three Commandments help us love God with our whole selves and the next seven teach us how to love each other.  Both of the Third and Fourth Commandments invite us to take a prophetic stance within a culture that values work over worship and relationships and youth over age.  Each commandment invites us to act according to our Christian values and choose what has eternal significance -- love for God and love for others.

Thank you, Charlene and Mary. I see a great connection between your reflections. I am asking myself whether or not I humbly turn more fully to God by keeping holy the Lord's day. When I do so, my relationships take on a different hue and value. As you say, Mary, balance is restored. Thank you for sharing your insights.

Charlene, I appreciated your thought-provoking questions. I like the prayer,too.


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