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Reflection for Oct. 9, 2016

Cleansing of 10 lepers illustrates God's healing of body and spirit

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Trust and gratitude. In biblical times leprosy was controlled by isolating those who were infected. Lepers were removed from their families, friends, work and worship. No one would approach them. Jesus comes face to face with not one, but 10 lepers, who beg him to show pity to them. They trusted in his word and his compassion. He could have turned and walked away but he brought healing into their lives instead. Only the Samaritan, the “outsider," returned to thank Jesus. The healing also deepened the leper's faith and his gratitude touched the heart of Jesus.

Why did Luke specify that the Samaritan was the only healed leper to give thanks?  Could it be to show that Jesus’ healing has no limits?  Could it be to show that faith is a gift offered to all people?  Maybe it is also a reminder to all of us that it is so easy to take all that God has given to us (our loved ones, our gifts, our lives, etc.) for granted.


Thank you. Timely for me.

Thank you! Your words stretch my heart and my mind!

Thank you for the thought provoking reflection! It made me stop and give thought to God.

Thank you for the questions they are just what I need in my healing. Gratitude, others and trust really stood out. Thanks

Thank you Sister for your Reflection!
Trust & gratitude...

Good questions to ponder.


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