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Reflection for Oct. 8, 2023

Reflection for Oct. 8, 2023

Good grapes year-round

Here's how the parable of the tenants applies to daily life

by Sister Agnes Fischer

The Lord expects good grapes from the vineyard:

  • Christian spouses who have each others’ backs.
  • Fathers and mothers who seek to put their children in contact with Christ.
  • Homes where Jesus not only hangs on the wall but whose word is the norm for those living there.
  • Public servants who treat those they serve as treating Christ (especially those “waiting in line”).
  • Employees who give their co-workers a hand-up so the company moves forward toward its goals together.
  • Christian professionals who reach out with their services to those who need them most.

This vineyard will produce good fruits.


10/06/2023 8:53 am

"My friend had a vineyard on a fertile hillside;

he spaded it, cleared it of stones, and planted the choicest vines;

within it he built a watchtower, and hewed out a wine press." [Is. 5: 1-2]

The first reading from Isaiah reminds me of our good friends who, years ago, had saved enough money to buy a little piece of land which was, then, in the country. They built their dream home on it, and being master gardeners, forged a large, well-tended, beautiful garden that produced abundantly.

After being well-established there, Jerry's job took him to Michigan, and they had to part with their beautiful home and garden.

In the meantime, their large strawberry bed was producing outstanding, delicious, sweet and juicy strawberries. They needed pickers! They called upon us, and asked us to call others to pick the wonderful berries so they would not go to waste.

While I was picking in their strawberry bed, JESUS was 'showing me' and 'teaching me' that this is what it's like in God's Beautiful Garden.

People, whether young or old, are "ripening on the vine" and in need of harvesters. There are too many who do not realize or understand how "beautiful" and "wonderful" and "valuable" they are.

This is how God needs our help -- that we will "see" and "value" each person as 'beautiful' and 'holy,' and of highest importance.

Like Sr. Agnes is saying, God calls each one of us to tend the Garden and to harvest for the 'kin-dom' an abundance of nutrient-rich food, that feeds others with healing, wholeness, and wellness-of-being! In other words, with lots of TLC (Tender, Loving Care), and the A, B, C's of JESUS' Ministry -- Acceptance, Belonging, Care.

Luann Rodriguez
10/06/2023 9:03 am

The Lord expects good grapes from the Vineyard. I grow Concord grapes in my yard. It was a good year for my grapes. They have seeds so every year I make jelly. Last weekend I made 7 pints of jelly. The jars all sealed well but the jelly didn’t thicken. I used a different type of sure gel and it called for less sugar. I guess I’ll be giving grape sauce to Family this Christmas. It probably will be very good on pancakes. Thank you for the reminders in your reflection above. Just as my jelly fell short this year your reflection helps me to look at areas that I have fallen short this year. There is always lots of room for improvement. Thank you.

10/06/2023 1:02 pm

Thanks, Sr. Agnes. You addressed your comments to various lives. We all have something to think about. Thank you!

Diann Wimmer
10/06/2023 6:19 pm

Thank you, Sr. Agnes, for your wise interpretation of the parable of the vineyard and the tenants. Yes, it certainly moves us to be concerned about the "good yield" in the field of our lives. Helpful questions too!

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