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Reflection for Oct. 15, 2023

Reflection for Oct. 15, 2023

An invitation to God's feast

Can we rejoice in and prepare for being called to the perfect banquet? 

by Sister Mary Kabat

It would be good to read Sunday’s first Scripture reading from Isaiah 25:6-10a before reading my reflection. The reading brought tears to my eyes. First, I felt so moved by the generosity of God as described in this passage.  God who is providing the people with the best food and wines, God who is removing all that blinds and separates the people from God’s love, God who is destroying death and drying our every tear. And the people cry out in joy, “Behold our God…let us rejoice and be glad that God has saved us!”

Second, I felt tears because this passage is so far from what we see in our world and on television each day – we see people who are hungry, people who are suffering sickness and pain of many kinds, people who are experiencing war, natural disasters and violence, people who are enduring separation or choosing to be separated from God and loved ones.

The Gospel passage from Matthew 22:1-14 is more realistic to what we see in our world. God is inviting the chosen guests – those who know God or the son – to come to the banquet. But the guests either ignore the servants bringing the happy invitation or worse, do them harm. God does not let the behavior of the invited cancel the feast of love; instead, God seeks others to come and celebrate, to put on the garment of joy. Yes, one guest refuses the garment and is cast out into the darkness to join all those who refused the invitation to share in God’s feast, to answer God’s call.  We always have a choice!

"May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our hearts,
so that we may know what is the hope that belongs to our call."

Gospel Acclamation, Ephesians 1:17-18


Ellen Kane
10/13/2023 8:46 am

Come to the banquet, remember that you are love and are loved unconditionally. Honor and embrace the light of the divine in each of us and celebrate God's infinite love.

Mary Pierre
10/13/2023 11:15 am

Thank you for the insightful reflection. You have given us much to think about.

Al Herrman
10/13/2023 1:24 pm

The term “banquet” has so many meanings given our times. Normally a banquet is a feast, a sharing of a good harvest and rejoicing in the blessings of the season. Given this past week in the Middle East, Europe, and our own country, let us remember the “banquet” of blessings and resources, understand God’s direction to share our blessings, and direct where they are most needed, remembering those in need locally. Then more can share in the great banquet.

10/13/2023 2:38 pm

Yes, Sr. Mary, I "hear" you - on all counts.

There is, indeed, a Feast - rich with more beauty and wonder and goodness and awe and joy than we have yet put into words. And HOW MUCH we NEED people who can truly express this to us in such a way that will make a difference in the hearts and minds of those who have not yet 'seen' or 'heard.'

I think of the Native American prayers that are so filled with these expressions, especially as I am en-AWED and spellbound by the sight of every colored maple leaf lying in my path right now. Each one is so very unique, and so exquisitely beautiful. Whether it is in a deep maroon or crimson red, or pale yellow with streaks of lime green, I feel such awe for the God who designs. The God who designs not only trees and leaves, but uniquely beautiful and AWEsome Cultures of Human Life.

I "hear" you, Sr. Mary, and I weep with you.

How could the Spirituality of JESUS have gotten so lost in all our church teachings and preachings?

Where has the "Truth" that JESUS understood and knew and lived out, gone?

I cry out, "HOLY SPIRIT, COME! WE NEED YOU!" and I mean it with all my heart, soul, mind, will, strength, and everything else that is within me.

I "hear" you, Sr. Mary. THANK YOU for "hearing" JESUS. Let us all pray to be OPEN to the HOLY SPIRIT, who is speaking to us in "NEW" ways today. We MUST learn how to "LISTEN."

Debbie Tahany
10/15/2023 1:40 pm

Thanks for your reflection! Since the invasion of Israel, the news is surely frightening. This morning's news tried to compare what the U.S. would have inflicted on what has happened to Israel/Palestine people since the start of this conflict. The longer I live, the more peace I find in knowing only God can truly judge the hearts and minds of each of us.

May the God of Peace bless each person on our Earth.

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