Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Nov. 6, 2016

What is your unique journey with Jesus Christ?

by Sister Laura Zelten

As we celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week I am reminded that each of us is called by God. We are all blessed with a vocation. The challenge we face is not to find out whether we have a vocation but rather to identify the vocation we are called to through our baptism.

During this week each of us is invited to look at the vocations of the Church and to understand how the choice each has made in life is an extension of our baptism. What is the gift from God that calls me to be a faithful person?  Where do I still need to grow in my Christian life?  What is stirring in my heart, moving me to follow Christ with my life?

God continues to call us. If we listen closely we can hear the whisper of God’s gentle voice stirring us into action, calling us to respond through the people and events of our lives.


Everyone has one, true, life-long vocation: To love God with one's whole heart, mind, and soul; and to love one's neighbor from that very same love-of-God. I really like this understanding from Rev. David Kalas: "The Old Testament word for 'worship' is the same as the word for 'serve,' .. Our whole lives are meant to be a constant act of worship." That is True Vocation.

Well said, Linda!


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