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Reflection for Nov. 6, 2011

Reflection for Nov. 6, 2011

by Sister Elise Cholewinski

Early one Sunday afternoon, as I was getting out of the pool at the "Y", I had an opportunity to chat briefly with the lifeguard.  He was a bit frustrated.  His shift was over and he was anxious to get home for the Packer game, but his replacement was not there to relieve him of his responsibilities.  It can indeed be very frustrating when people are not responsible, when they don't show up, when they expect someone else to cover for them.

This is the situation in the parable about the ten virgins that Jesus tells in today's Gospel.  Five virgins were ready; they had enough oil for their lamps.  The other five didn't bring enough oil and expected the others to rescue them.  When the bridegroom arrived, they had disappeared from the scene, off to obtain the oil for their lamps.  They had missed the moment.

As we now move toward the conclusion of the liturgical year, it might do us well to take a personal inventory.  In what ways have we stalled in our relationship with God?  In what ways have we prevented the light of the Holy Spirit from burning brightly within us?  In striving to live our faith, when have we expected others to cover for us and take on our responsibilities?  Where were we when Jesus was coming to meet us?

In the final analysis, how eager and excited are we to meet Him Who is the Bridegroom?

I always look forward to reading S. Elise's reflections. Thanks.

I remember hearing people criticize the ones who had brought for not sharing. The thing to remember is that there ARE things people can't do for us, that we have to do for ourselves. Getting our own life in order is one of those things. I love your analogy with the lifeguard. It puts the parable into very current terms.


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