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Reflection for Nov. 2, 2014

Reflection for Nov. 2, 2014

For National Vocation Awareness Week, may we all listen to God's call

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by Sister Laura Zelten

A young woman recently stated how clear the invitation to follow God is in Sacred Scripture. When I asked her what she meant, she said, "Samuel was awakened in the middle of the night, Paul was knocked down and blinded on the road, and Mary had an angel come to her. For them it seems so clear and direct. Why isn't it that way for me?"

I smiled in agreement.  Sometimes the invitation to follow Jesus can seem nebulous or inaudible. But maybe the people of Scripture were listening intently and were open to God's call no matter how it came.

To hear God we might be well served to silence the noise around us. It is so easy for us to fill our days and nights with activities. Connecting with the spiritual means a daily commitment to quality prayer time. God does speak to us through Scripture, Eucharist, nature, and the people and events in our lives. Can we be like the people of Scripture and listen closely for God?  Through prayerful discernment we discover that God wants only what is good for us -- what brings wholeness and leads to holiness.



Thank you, Sr Laura!

This is very true! We have so much consistent noise coming at us in our technological society. Computers, T.V., street noises, etc. We need to have quiet time in order that God might reach us.

Thanks, Laura, have an inspirational week.


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