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Reflection for Nov. 16, 2014

Reflection for Nov. 16, 2014

Day after day, we need to show up & be ready for the Lord

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by Sister Elise Cholewinski

From as far back as I can remember, baseball has been my favorite sport.  I've had several heroes in the game, but one of my favorites is Cal Ripken Jr., who played for the Baltimore Orioles.  He wasn't a home run hitter and I don't think he ever won a batting championship, but he did set a record.  He played in more consecutive games than any other player in baseball history.  He simply showed up, day after day after day.

In this Sunday's reading from Matthew's Gospel we hear the parable of the talents.  The servant who received the one talent hid it, and was justly punished.  He had failed to use what was given to him.  In the first reading, from the Book of Proverbs, the worthy wife is praised.  What does she do?  She does the ordinary things of daily life, reaches out her hands to the poor, and is not deceived by charm or beauty.  She simply shows up, day after day after day.

The call for us in these readings is to assess our own gifts, and to humbly share them, not seeking to win some kind of honor or affirmation.  We are to use our gifts because we have been blessed with them.  We just need to show up, day after day after day.  After all, we never know when the Lord will show up!


Thanks, Elise, for the reminder that we are called to do ordinary tasks in and extra ordinary way.

Thank you, Sr. Elise, for this reminder that being present and compassionate for others in the ordinary moments of life is a blessed way to live.

Thank you for these words. You were my 5th grade teacher at Holy Cross and I remember your love for baseball! I'm going to share this with my youngest son who's struggling with some sports issues! He needs to use his talents and just show up! Thank you!

Some Wednesdays we hate to go to choir practice, especially in the winter but we know we have to show up because it is the right thing to do. Thank you for your thoughts!

That 's an important phrase. Just show up! Thank you, Sister.

Thank you Sister Elise for that wonderful reminder that the ordinary gifts we have are as important to God as the extraordinary gifts. Just Show Up, day after day!


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