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Reflection for Nov. 11, 2012

Reflection for Nov. 11, 2012

Spirit of gift outweighs size of gift

by Sister Mary Kabat

"I wish I could do more." How many times I have heard people say that in face of the needs of others! Now as we see the devastation in New York and New Jersey, don't our hearts go out to those suffering the loss of loved ones, homes and businesses, those enduring the darkness, cold, and lack of basic necessities?

They are the people on my mind as I pray the Scriptures readings this Sunday. Elijah comes to a widow who has only a bit of flour and oil for herself and her son. Yet at Elijah's request and words of comfort she turns to bake him a little cake and is blessed with a jar of flour that never goes empty and a jug of oil that does not run dry.

Jesus observes a poor widow who puts two small coins in the temple treasury. He knows she has given a greater gift than all the others for she has given all the money she had. So never underestimate your gift or your giving to others. You may wish you could do more, but your giving is measured by your trust, your love and your caring heart not the size of your gift.

YrOfFaithCatechesisby Sister Mary Kabat

How will people know the Gospel if it is not proclaimed to them? We as people of faith are called to proclaim the Gospel by our actions, words and witness. When Pope John XXIII addressed the bishops of the world at the opening of the Second Vatican Council he expressed his desire that Christian doctrine be taught "more efficaciously." Such teaching brings the hearer into a relationship with Jesus that transforms the mind and heart.

The scope of Pope John XXIII's vision can be seen in his five key points to achieve such teaching of the Gospel and doctrine:

His message gives us wise guidance for proclaiming the Gospel and our tradition yet today.

Thank you, Mary. I wish I could do more to praise the work you do and the two reflections.


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