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Reflection for May 4, 2014

Reflection for May 4, 2014

Unexpectedly finding God in the ordinary

by Sister Laura Zelten

It is no accident that the Risen Christ is discovered in the breaking of bread which takes place after the sharing of stories. Food and conversation bring us together. We can discover God in new ways when we listen to people's stories, especially those who are struggling or are in need.

This Sunday's Gospel is a story of discovery, of finding God unexpectedly. It challenges us to look for God in ordinary places of our ordinary lives. Jesus joins two disciples at the table. He picks up the bread, blesses it, and shares it with them. In this very ordinary action they remember and recognize Jesus.

Then the disciples were alone. The meaning of resurrection broke in their hearts, stirring them to rise from the table and set out for the other followers. When reunited with the 11 apostles, they hear how Peter experienced the risen Jesus. Then the travelers share their story of experiencing Jesus in the breaking of the bread.

In our longing to grow in our discipleship, we turn to the scriptures, as Jesus taught us. We gather with the community and, in the breaking of the bread, we see Christ. Our vision carries us forth to be -- and bring -- Good News to all.


Thanks, Laura, a wonderful reflection - much to ponder.

Is it any surprise then that when we build a house we make the kitchen almost the biggest room in the house. This is where we join and share fellowship and food with our families and friends. This is where we bless the food and those who share it with us and remember Jesus doing the same thing.

You have given great questions to ponder. They touch the core of the spiritual life as we respond in mercy and compassion to the other.

You have written a beautiful reflection on where we find Jesus. Thank you, Laura.

As a Registered Dietitian, I loved this weeks reflection. Family meals...great for the community since Jesus's time on earth!


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