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Reflection for May 15, 2016

The Holy Spirit changes everything through love

by Sister Mary Kabat

This weekend we joyfully celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit and the founding day of the Church.  

What can we say about the Holy Spirit?  The Catholic Catechism offers us rich doctrinal teaching on the Holy Spirit, and the Scriptures for this beautiful feast offer us evidence of the Holy Spirit experienced by believers and unbelievers.  In the Scripture readings, we hear that Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.  The Apostles see the Holy Spirit as visible tongues of fire.  The people feel the courage of the Apostles and hear them proclaiming Jesus in words they can understand.  St. Paul tells us that our spiritual gifts and God-given talents are the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the good of the Church and world.  

In the catechism I found this description of the Holy Spirit: “The Holy Spirit is essentially Love.  Love can change those we meet and change ourselves in each encounter.  Because of the Holy Spirit our whole being, mind, heart, soul and body can be permeated with Love. (U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults, Chapter 9, p. 103)  

The Holy Spirit, the Love of God, has the power to unite us, to be our common language, and to bless us with every good gift for the Church and all God’s children.

For this, let us pray, “Come, Holy Spirit, come!”


Thanks, Mary, for a very touching and enlightening reflection.

Thank you for a beautiful reflection, Sister Mary Kabat.

Love - our common language. What a powerful message! Thank you, Mary!

Your comments are simple and beautiful! Thank you, Sr. Mary.

God is love! Thank you, Mary.

Love is the answer, no matter the question. Thank you for your beautiful reflection.


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