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Reflection for March 9, 2014

Reflection for March 9, 2014

Jesus shows us who is at the center of his life and ours

by Sister Elise Cholewinski

"It's not about you."  How often people seem to be making that statement, reminding the persons to whom they are speaking that their particular issue is not really about them; it's part of a much bigger picture.

"It's not about me."  That's what Jesus is saying to Satan, as He experiences the three temptations in the desert in this Sunday's Gospel.  Satan invites Jesus to turn stones into bread.  Jesus knows that it's not about becoming a social reformer; it's about nourishing people with the Word of God. Satan challenges Jesus to make an Olympic-scale jump from the pinnacle of the temple. Jesus understands that it's not about being a sensational champion and drawing the crowd's applause; it's about doing what God wants. Satan bargains with Jesus and offers Him all the kingdoms of the world if He would worship him only.  Jesus refuses; it's not about compromising, it's about serving only one God.

During this first week of Lent, we are celebrating National Catholic Sisters Week. Women who live in religious communities and have publicly professed vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience give a striking witness to Jesus' response to temptation.  While working intensely for social justice, they invite God's people to look beyond, to that kingdom that is still to come. Although they may perform outstandingly in their ministries, they commit to a life of deep humility, seeking the glory of God.  In a culture of mixed messages and values, they exemplify what life in abundance is really all about. Women who live the consecrated life authentically put a face on today's Gospel.

So listen closely. If you are not married and are discerning where God is leading you on your journey of life, you may need to enter the desert for a while and confront not only the same temptations, but a call to the consecrated life in the Church.  This time it really could be all about you.


Way to go, Elise!

Thank you Elise. I appreciate your comments.

Great reflection. It reminded me that everything is about God and not me. Not soon we forget!

Excellent reflection, Elise..Gets right to the core of life. Thanks.

Great message, Elise! I like how you included a vocation thought!

Thank you for the thought-provoking reflection


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