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Reflection for March 25, 2012

Reflection for March 25, 2012

by Sister Madonna Swintkoske

Tornadoes hit down in Indiana.  Teenagers are killed in a car accident.  A dear friend dies of cancer.  Yes, we are faced with much suffering and death in our world.

In the Gospel for this Sunday we hear a brief dialogue in which Jesus struggles with his approaching death.  Jesus admits that He is troubled.  He offers us an image when he says, ".. unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit."  If a seed is not planted or buried, new life in the form of a plant (corn, beans, peas, flowers) will not grow.  We believe that out of the "death" of that seed new life will come.

The source of evil and suffering can't be explained, but this statement assures us that good can come from it.  As we see from Jesus' passion, God is capable of drawing salvation from injustice and death.  So we know God is not the source of evil and God can draw goodness out of the deepest darkness.

God is a God of love and life!

Reflection questions:


Thanks, Madonna for the practical and inspiring reflection on what I consider a difficult reading/topic to consider.

Thank you Sister Madonna. Your reflection reminded me again that even Jesus struggled with death and was troubled. Reminding me that when I am struggling Jesus is where I need to take my troubles to as Jesus will understand.

"God is capable of drawing salvation from injustice and death"
He did for his son. I don't see it happening much otherwise. Injustice and darkness remain. Injustice and betrayal are rewarded.

Your reflection echoes our deepest Franciscan value...that God is good, all good, supreme good. It's through our wrong choices that evil exists. Thanks for your succinct but profound truth.


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