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Reflection for March 24, 2013

Reflection for March 24, 2013

This Holy Week, listen for these fourphrases

by Sister Francis Bangert

Palm Sunday ushers in Holy Week, a time held sacred by the Christian world as it reflects on the incomprehensible, extravagant, forgiving and enduring love of God for the human family. This mystery of unconditional love is so awesome, the Church gives us three days (Triduum) to prayerfully ponder this and then 50 days (to Pentecost) to deepen the connection between Jesus' life and our own. Today we will hear the crowd's accolades for Jesus, teacher and healer. On Holy Thursday Jesus teaches us the meaning of "washing another's feet." Today and again on Good Friday, we will hear the narrative of Jesus' redeeming suffering and death. On Easter Sunday, we are mystified by Jesus' resurrection.

Put briefly, there are four phrases that capture the essence of this week and our life-journey with Jesus. They are:

We are always and everywhere immersed in the love of the Holy One, no matter where we are on the human journey ... at our best or our worst or in between.

Where are you on the journey? What do you need to learn from Jesus? Talk with Him about this. May you be graced with a change of heart during these holy days.

chapter 12,YearOfFaithHowTo US Catholic Catechism for Adults

by Sister Mary Kabat

Let us take time in this Year of Faith to reflect on Mary and her role and place in our Catholic faith and life.  As the Church presents to us exemplary models of faith and discipleship throughout history in the "communion of saints," Mary is first as a person whose faith, hope and love are worthy of our imitation as we continue our journey of faith.

Many Catholics have a great devotion to the Blessed Mother and find comfort and help in her role as mother and missionary.  We know Mary's greatest desire is that we love God and have a deep friendship with her Son, Jesus.

May the Year of Faith be a time to renew our love for Christ and the Church
and to enter into a deeper devotion to the Virgin Mary.

May you be blessed for giving us this message.


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