Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for March 18, 2012

I experience expressions of love every day though my life in community if I have eyes to see. Love may take the form of a sincere greeting, preparation of a tasty supper, running an errand, cleaning the snow off the driveway, planting and weeding the flower beds, or putting seed out to attract the squirrels and birds. Little things mean a lot.

Sometimes expressions of love are extraordinary. People leave their comfortable lives to respond to disasters. A soldier throws himself on the roadside bomb to save the lives of others. A pilot directs his failing aircraft to a daring landing on the Hudson River in order to save the lives of the passengers and crew. Crises provide opportunities to go beyond the ordinary.

Extraordinary love is what John is writing about in today's Gospel. God loves the world (and all that is in it) so much that Love itself becomes incarnate in Jesus. Awesome!  God becomes human so that humans, made in God's image, can become like God!

Lent provides time to reflect on God's extraordinary love in the person of Jesus Christ, and on his total giving through his life and death. Through prayer, fasting, and good works I can lose myself and be turned more to God that others may have life in abundance -- here and in eternity.

As spring unfolds, how am I preparing the "ground" of my soul and  what "seeds" have I planted this Lent that bring life and love to others?

Prayer: Gracious God, help me to do the little things of each day with extraordinary love as your only Son Jesus did. Amen.

Thank you, Sr. Sally Ann, for an inspiring reflection on loving in small and extraordinary ways - even for the squirrels!

Thanks, Sally Ann for providing a great connection to the Love of God through Jesus and our world!

Thanks, Sr. Sally Ann, for sharing such a profound mystery in very concrete ways.


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