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Reflection for March 16, 2014

Reflection for March 16, 2014

Today's suffering can lead to tomorrow's glory

by Sister Sally Ann Brickner

God knows us and transforms us in times of darkness.

The readings for the second Sunday of Lent certainly provide examples for us. In Genesis, God promises that Abram will become the father of a great nation, a holy people. He will be a blessing to many peoples. How true this has been for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. In the Gospel, John recounts vividly a peak experience with Jesus on Mount Tabor. Peter, James and John are granted a vision of Jesus' glory when he will be raised from the dead. Like Abram, through God's promise the trio is confirmed in faith for the difficult journey of discipleship. Paul exhorts Timothy (and us) to bear our share of hardships for the sake of the Gospel.

Looking up, may we see only Jesus through whom all things are made new.


Thanks, Sally Ann, for your succinct reminder that transformation comes in times of darkness and that the glory of Jesus will one day be ours.


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