Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for March 13, 2016

Misery and mercy: Conversion is always an option

by Sister Annette Koss

Sunday's readings remind us that behavior is the window of the heart. The woman was forgiven much because she was cloaked in humility and sorrow. For the Pharisees, conversion was not possible because they were cloaked with self-righteousness and judgment. Conversion meant that their judgment had to cease; they would have to own their sin.

Jesus was left alone with the woman. Only two were left, misery and mercy. Misery met mercy; the women left the encounter a new creation in Christ. The woman was purified; she expected judgment but received enlightenment.

Sunday's liturgy reminds us that conversion is at the heart of it all; conversion is a lifelong process of transformation. We are converted to a God who cares for the poor, the lost and the broken, the suffering, the poor and rejected and all who are marginalized, despised or forsaken.

We are converted to a God who, in turn, asks that we do no less. This conversion is the very heart of justice.


food for thought, thanks Sr Annette

Annette: Powerful message, few words. Thank you.

Thank you Sister Annette for a reminder that I too can have the cloak of self-righteousness and judgment and need to ask Jesus for his mercy.


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