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Reflection for March 11, 2018

Reflection for March 11, 2018

"For God so loved the world that ..."

Do you walk in the light or in the dark?

As we reach the midpoint of Lent on Sunday, we hear Jesus discuss with Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews, the choice to live in the light of Jesus Christ or to hide in the dark with wickedness and evil. Nicodemus freely acknowledges that Jesus is sent by God; yet, he seeks out Jesus at night. Did Nicodemus use the dark to hide his visit with Jesus? What did he fear? The words and the actions of Nicodemus can speak to our own lives. What does his journey say about yours and mine?

Nicodemus: Spanish: from a personal name of Greek origin, composed of the elements nike ‘victory’ + demos ‘people’. Thus, "victory of the people." This is the name borne in the New Testament by a Greek Jew who defended Jesus before the religious leaders (John 7:50) and was present at his burial (John 19:39).

Maybe "Nicodemus" represents "the victory of the people OVER or THROUGH darkness" that a relationship with/within JESUS, the Christ, brings us.

Now that is a beautiful thought ..... our journey through darkness, because of, and by, and with JESUS, leads to LIGHT.


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