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Reflection for June 10, 2012

Reflection for June 10, 2012

Eucharist unites all of us with Christ wherever we are

by Sister Rose Jochmann

Today is a beautiful feast - we celebrate the gift of the Eucharist - the Body and Blood of Christ.  Some areas of our country and around the work celebrate this feast with a special procession honoring Jesus' presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

This feast renews for me my appreciation of Jesus' presence with us in the Eucharist.  The Eucharist is central to my Catholic faith.  At the Last Supper, on the eve of Christ's death, he gave us this gift.  Through the Mass we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection.  We receive Christ's true presence, his Risen presence.  But the Mass is more than that.  Through the celebration of the Mass, the Eucharist, we join together with the Christian community, in our local Church, and we join with those celebrating the Eucharist throughout the world.  Isn't that incredible?  Christ is present at every Mass wherever it is celebrated throughout the world.  And, then, we are all challenged to bring Christ to those we meet as we leave the celebration of the Eucharist.

Thanks for sharing your faithfilled beautiful thoughts with us, Rose.

Thanks, Rose!
You are clear and to the point with meaning and a challenge!

Thanks for so beautifully reiterating these essential aspects of our faith in Christ - present and active in the Eucharist - around the world!

Thanks, Rose, for the challenge.

Thanks for this message of unity - what Jesus prayed for us at the Last Supper. With the political divisions we see in our state, nation and around the world, I'll pray for that unity in a special way this weekend.

Rose--thanks for sharing that humongous thought--that Christ's presence embodies our whole created world, and that the Eucharist is celebrated at every minute of the day and night. WOW!

Thanks Rose. I appreciate your reflection.

I could not have said it any better.
Thank-you Sister Rose


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