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Reflection for July 9, 2023

Reflection for July 9, 2023

Lighten the load

Our Triune God gives us purpose in all that we do 

by Sister Mary Kabat

Today’s Gospel from Matthew (11:25-30) contains two messages of Jesus I love to read: 

First, Jesus is praising his Father for all he is revealing to the “little ones” – you and me – revealing the mysteries of the kingdom.  The greatest of these is knowing the Father and his Son.

Second, Jesus is inviting us – who labor and bear life’s burdens – to come and rest.  He invites us to no longer bear the burden of the yokes we and others put upon us; instead he offers us his yoke – the yoke we share with him, side by side.  This yoke is easy and light for those who are meek and humble of heart.

The first reading from Zechariah (9:9-10) brings us back to Palm Sunday – “See, your king ... meek and riding on an ass ... he shall proclaim peace.”  The second reading from St. Paul to the Romans (8:9,11-13) is more challenging as Paul asks us if we are of the Spirit or of the flesh.  He reminds us that only in the Spirit is there life.

As we live our daily lives, with its challenges and burdens, in a relationship with God – Father, Son and Spirit – there is life, there is wisdom revealed, there is rest with a lighter yoke to bear, a yoke with Jesus sharing the load.

Today, take some quiet time with God, lay down your burdens and rest.  Listen for what God wishes to share with you today.


07/07/2023 9:35 am

Thank you for the reminder that we are the "little ones" to whom Jesus is revealing the mysteries and the kingdom. We also need the reminder to take some quiet time with God to lay down our burdens and rest in God.

07/07/2023 10:28 am


07/07/2023 10:55 am

Thanks Mary! Yes, there is a burden but we need to rest in God too. Challenging as primary caretaker for a spouse after knee replacement surgery! Needed to hear your words!

Bonita Kugel
07/07/2023 7:38 pm

Facing another health challenge it's good to know that I don't have to drive my yoke alone. He's with me to share the load. Alleluia!

Rev. William J. Jacobs, Jr.
07/08/2023 7:18 am

As I read this passage, as well as the comments by Sister Mary Kabat, I'm reminded by two of the Sisters in my family. First, was Mary Lou, who often needed our help and urged us to help carry her load. Secondly, is my Dear sister Annabelle who is now living in Green Bay. I live there also and can reach out at times with her seven children to help Annie carry her load. How special this Reading was and is for the William Jacobs Family. Thanks for your thoughts Sister. Fondly, Fr Bill Jacobs

Diane Bastien
07/08/2023 6:38 pm

Thank you, Mary, for these words. As I am called to be a caregiver this past year and presently, I need the Lord’s help and guidance to see me through and give me strength, and to this work joyfully in His name. Amen

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