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Reflection for July 22, 2012

Reflection for July 22, 2012

Through Christ, we can leave hostility behind

by Sister Jackie Capelle

Paul speaks of unity in the letter to the Ephesians. He emphasizes that Christ is our peace who has made all one and broken down the walls of hostility through the cross. Paul, of course, was speaking about the Jews and the Gentiles.

When I reflect on this reading, the status of today's society immediately comes to mind. Christ has the same mission with us -- to break down the walls of hostility. Think about it: What kind of hostility do you see in your home, your neighborhood, city, state, country and the world. Think about yourself: Do you feel hostile toward anyone because of race, religion, sexual orientation, homelessness, economic status, relatives or any others?

If you recognize any hostility in yourself, it is time to break down the dividing walls. Jesus has led us to do this through the Cross. We all need to go to Jesus and ask for the strength to let go of these.

A guarantee -- you'll feel much happier.

A perfect reflection for me to ponder, Jackie. Sometimes little resentments or judgments surface. The Cross is a good reminder of how to act.

Your reflection always hits home. It is like a little bird tells you exactly what we need to hear (umm or someone else). I have been asking Jesus for the strength to let go, and of course feel better.
Thank you and Blessings

Thanks, Jackie, for the thought-provoking message.


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