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Reflection for July 20, 2014

Reflection for July 20, 2014

Seeds vs. weeds: Which one is thriving in your faith garden?

by Sister Mary Kabat

Are there changes you wish to make in your life -- exercise regularly, eat healthier, improve a relationship, take more time for prayer, read a good book?  We all know there are changes that would be good for us and we wonder why we just don't do them.  There are also things we are doing that we know would be better for us not to do.  They aren't necessarily hard changes; we just don't do them.

That comes to mind as I reflect on the Gospel of this Sunday.  Jesus gives us three parables.  Each one gives us the opportunity to identify with something in the story or to let the lesson sink into our heart and change us.

I am staying with the parable of the man who sowed good seed in his field only to discover weeds growing with the wheat.  I can identify.  There is "good seed" in me, but there are "weeds" as well.  The parable says that it could do more harm than good to pull out all the weeds as the good seed is growing.  However, I think I could pull one or two of my weeds and put a good seed in their place.  I have a few weeds in mind.  Do you?


Mary, thank you for a thought provoking reflection. It has really made me think.

Thank you Sister for such a forthcoming and honest Reflection...In your first paragraph on "changes", I was struck by your words of encouragement, that "there are also things we are doing that we know would be better for us not to do"...rather than judging with - there are also things we are doing that we...should not do. Then followed by your admission that you, a Sister, a woman who has chosen to give her life to God, who stands shoulder to shoulder with the Blessed Mother - has weeds! Such refreshing honesty. Thank you Sister for your inspiring Reflection.

What about the invasive weeds? They take over fast if not removed. Thanks, Mary.

Mary, I just read your reflection after the fact. Just small changes can help us be good wheat. Thanks for making the Word so simple, yet profound.


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