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Reflection for July 12, 2020

Reflection for July 12, 2020

To hear, accept and commit to God's Word

The Sower and the Seed parable speaks to us as students and teachers

by Sister Madonna Swintkoske

In the parable of the Sower and the Seed, Jesus speaks to us -- the hearers -- about different ways of accepting the Word of God.

Are we open to accept the Word of God this day?
There are many things that can shut our minds – being too busy, the fear of a new truth, bored because we heard this many times.

Are we the hearer that fails to think things out and think them through?
Maybe our soil is too shallow.

Are we a hearer that has so many interests that the really important things get crowded out?
Our interests may be very good things; for example, a committee for social needs or a charitable service. The real hearer is the person who listens to the Word of God, who understands and who acts.

This parable not only speaks to the one who hears the word, but to the one who teaches or explains the Word to others. We don’t know what effect the seed may have. We can’t look for quick results. It may take a long time for the seed to germinate in the heart of the hearer. It may lie dormant and one day it awakens. We wait in patience and hope. Many times one never hears of the fruit produced.

As we look at our world today, we can become discouraged. We can become disappointed in our own lives. Despite what is happening around us, we can be full of hope and peace. The seed that is planted in our hearts and in the hearts of others will yield a good harvest (30, 60, 100 fold). Because God’s Word will bring forth great fruit.


Sr Laura
07/10/2020 6:09 am

Thanks Sr Madonna for you reflection on the Sower and the seed. I appreciated how you broke down the reading applying it to the different aspects of our lives.

07/10/2020 11:53 am

So appropriate during this summer season of planting, growing, blossoming, and enjoying the fruits of our labors. To fruitful lives of service!

Al Herrman
07/10/2020 11:58 am

Being an "Aggie" I always love this parable. It reminds of all the things we need to do in order to have good fruits and vegetables (children, grandchildren, family and friends, co-workers, etc.).

Sister Rose Jochmann
07/11/2020 8:35 am

Thanks for your reflection. It is a good reminder that we can become too busy in non-essentials. And, a good reminder that it takes time for the seed to bear fruit.

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