Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Jan. 7, 2018

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Years ago I was traveling to the Upper Peninsula before Christmas.  There were two other Sisters with me as we journeyed north.  It was already dark and we were over half way to our destination when the headlights went out.  Anyone who has traveled north of Woodruff knows it is pretty desolate before reaching the next town.  I pulled off the road and we all got out of the car.  The darkness was all around us until we looked up into the sky.  Have you ever looked into the sky on a clear winter night away from the lights of the city?  It is truly an amazing sight.  The stars were everywhere –- glittering and dancing in the darkness!  After a few minutes, we all got back into the car.  We were all silent -– in awe of the beauty we had seen.  When I started the engine, the headlights came back on and we were able to continue on.  I have not forgotten the beauty of that night sky.

The three visitors in our Gospel on Sunday's Feast of the Epiphany, followed a star to find the Lord of love.  Would they have found him if they had not been guided by that star?  Didn’t the star lead them throughout  their journey?

As I reflected on the stars I saw and the star they saw I thought about all the “stars” in my life -– all the bright, shining stars that have helped me find my way to the Lord of love.  I know we all have those stars in our lives -- those who show us love, care, joy, compassion, hospitality, peace -– calling us to do the same as we journey together toward the Lord.  Would we find the Lord without them? 


Wow! Thanks for the insight, Lynne.

Sister Claudette is my star, has been all of my life since I was a small boy @ St. Boniface...thank you Sister for your wonderful tale and for your reminder to "thank my lucky star" - Thank You, Sister Claudette!

Thanks be to God for a star that has been a faithful guide to me for my whole life, my dear godmother Sr Paulette!!❤️

So many other stars have dotted my sky as well, including more sisters than I can count. Thanks for you all as well!

One has to wonder if, sometimes, gazing into the heavens, is what's needed to find our way on earth ... especially in the darkest of times ... What a beautiful prayer experience that was! What a beautiful gift-of-God, and of God-With-Us!

"The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not, does not, will not overcome it." John 1:5

Very moving and beautiful reflection, Sister. YOU are a star!

I liked your reflection very much.
I have had so many stars it feels like a starry night. My parents were the first of the stars and they went to the Sisters at school and the priests we were blessed to have.

Thanks Lynn Marie for the beautiful reflection of our light in the darkness. Yes, we can forget how beautiful the winter night sky can be.

What a moving reflection. Thank you Sister. Many times I have been moved by the beauty of the night sky. I live on a dead end road in the country and love to take walks at night in winter down our road. Hearing the crunch of snow under my feet and then looking up at the wonder and awe of Gods presense!! The moon and stars bring me to prayer each time. As for my shining stars I have to say my parents, my family, the many sister that taught me along the way and my good friend Fr Gerald Kempen. He was one of my greatest mentors!
Thank you for this reflection!

My most memorable star-gazing experience took place on a river bank in Colombia, SA where the local community was fighting to retain its land from the threat of oil speculators. Christian Peacemaker Teams was a guiding star for them, and I was privileged to be a short-term delegate with CPT.

Sister Lynn Marie . . . Oh, how beautiful a reflection! We lived on a farm and the memories of a starry night so many times sleigh riding, skiing and ice skating on our farm are so very vivid and wonderful to me now. What a lovely surprise to have your lights go back on.. The stars helping me in my life are in abundance. With love, Mary Kay.

You have been a star in my life since you were born and still are!!


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