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Reflection for Jan. 31, 2016

Faith, hope & love help us hear the Good News

by Sister Laura Zelten

Jesus was and is the greatest of all prophets. At the end of his earthly ministry, he gave his life for the truth he brought to the world. In Sunday’s Gospel from Luke we hear about Jesus experiencing what many people have as they tried to build up the life of a small, closed community.

At first, when the people of Nazareth hear Jesus speak they are filled with surprise and admiration. As Jesus goes on, they find it hard to accept him as someone other than a carpenter’s son. Their admiration dissipates as Jesus challenges them to recognize that God’s blessings are to be given to the Gentiles. By the end, they are “filled with fury” and come close to killing Jesus.

Luke begins the account of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee with this incident because it provides a summary of what is to follow –- the Good News of God’s generous ways is rejected by the people of the synagogue. In Jesus’ mysterious escape from the people of Nazareth, Luke may be foreshadowing the final triumph of the Resurrection.

Sunday’s second reading from St. Paul to the Corinthians complements the Gospel. Having “the gift of prophecy” and an “understanding of all the mysteries” will achieve nothing if it is not inspired by love. Nothing opens the way to hearing God’s challenging message more than an approach full of goodwill -- faith, hope and love, and “the greatest of these is love.”


Thank you Sister Laura


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