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Reflection for Jan. 30, 2022

Reflection for Jan. 30, 2022

Welcome the Blessing-Maker

God is ready to be in our thoughts, words and deeds

by Renae Bauer
Communications Director

In her book, In Search of Belief, Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister asks what kind of God do we believe in: One that is wrathful? Indifferent? Magical? Or Blessing-Maker? What we believe is what we become, she suggests.

I want to believe in the God of blessings, as I’m sure you do, too. But how do I turn an incomplete image of God into a full one? Sunday’s Gospel shows the way. Jesus gives two examples of faith-filled people -- the widow in Zarephath and Naaman the Syrian. Naaman purified himself both physically and spiritually in the waters of the Jordan. I think cleansing our minds and hearts of false, wrathful images is the first step toward preparing room for our loving God.

Go, and be cleansed.


01/28/2022 9:23 am

My first husband left me 9 months married and 7 months pregnant. When I met someone else, I was worried about getting married again, being divorced and my prospective groom, divorced with 3 children. Both marriages needed to be annulled before I could receive the sacraments again. I prayed for a sign that I should marry him. I asked him to leave the judge's home and he barely had the car in reverse and -- literally -- here comes the judge proclaiming we were in the right place. I told my to-be groom we could go ahead. Two years later I gave birth to twins -- almost as if, if I didn't get the first message, here's two more! We had 25 wonderful years together! I knew I was blessed and that my marriage pleased God.

01/28/2022 10:25 am

Being present at the birth of a child or holding someone's hand as they return to heaven are both blessed moments...Present the Lords presents loud and clear.

01/28/2022 12:44 pm

"... cleansing our minds and hearts of false, wrathful images is the first step toward preparing room for our loving God."

Renee, You have done it so beautifully, again.

The baptism we share into CHRIST is just exactly that -- baptism into "THE" Most Beautiful, Most Amazing, Most Awesome, Most Holy, Most Gracious, Most Merciful LOVE possible.

"THIS" is the God I want to know ---- more and more and more and more.

Thank you, Renee, for "showing" us how True-to-Life this EXPERIENCE and KNOWING of God's LOVE in our life really is.

"Go, and be cleansed."

Yes, Heavenly Father, Merciful LORD JESUS, Holy Spirit ...... Cleanse me from all my falsehoods, faulty thinking, and sin.

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