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Reflection for Feb. 8, 2015

The healing hand of Jesus Christ is within your reach and mine

by Sister Charlene Hockers

Recently, I visited a friend at the nursing home. She had gone through major surgery about three months earlier. She took the risk of surgery rather than give up and die. She came through the surgery which everyone believed was a miracle. She made good progress in healing for a while. But the same day that I visited her, she died.

Her story came to mind as I reflected on this Sunday's Gospel. We hear how Jesus grasps the hand of Peter's mother-in-law and heals her of her fever. In the evening, He heals many more. I believe Jesus grasped my friend's hand at the time of surgery and again when it was time to move into eternal life. Her suffering was over. Jesus is always ready to grasp our hand. He is always ready to heal us so we can get up and allow Him to work through us.

In the Gospel, what follows the healings is worthy of our notice. "Rising very early before dawn, He left and went off to a deserted place, where He prayed." In the midst of our service to others, we need to go off to our deserted place and pray. Faith is built on prayer. Our ability to help others heal spiritually is dependent on our relationship with Jesus. Let Jesus grasp your hand and take you to that deserted place to pray, and then go on to continue your loving service in His name.


A beautiful and comforting reflection on the relationship with Jesus and His relationship with the Father.

So many times during the day I can feel his loving touch! Thank you for a beautiful reflection!

Thank you, Sister, for the touching reflection. God's healing touch be with you.

Thanks, Charlene, for sharing your personal experience that so connects with the Gospel. Simple daily experiences are 'touches' of Jesus too.

The image of Jesus grasping our hands and lifting us up is powerful...but so much less than the reality of His powerful spirit working in us and through us. Thank you, Charlene!

I enjoyed your reflection and take to heart the ability to help others is dependent on our relationship with Jesus. Also on our ability to relate to those in need. Thank you, Sister Charlene


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