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Reflection for Feb. 19, 2012

Reflection for Feb. 19, 2012

by Sister Renee Delvaux

When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, "Child, your sins are forgiven."

Talk about faith in action!  In today's Gospel Jesus heals the paralytic and forgives his sins because of his faith and that of his companions.  They could not get the paralytic through the doorway because of the crowd, so they carried him up to the roof, opened it and lowered him before Jesus.  These men were convinced that if they could just get the paralytic to Jesus, he would be healed.  What an example of ingenuity and persistence, true faith in action!

Are we that determined and ingenious in putting our faith into action?  Every day we are called to this, to "go the extra mile" to help someone in need, to publicly support an issue of truth and justice even when everyone else is silent , to witness to Christian values, even if shunned and ridiculed.  This is faith in action.

We have the option, daily, of responding to Jesus in faith or lack thereof.  Will we proclaim our faith like the crowds who gave glory to God at seeing Jesus' divine power to heal and forgive, or will we scorn Jesus in rejection and lack of faith.  We are capable of either response.  What will it be? I say: CHOOSE the FAITH response!

What a faith-inspired reflection. Thank you, S. Renee.

Thanks for the challenging message, Renee. It's one I've been reflecting on in my own life. Your reminder is timely. fran

Thank you, Sr. Renee, for this reflection. It is actually a very good preparation for Lent!

I believe, Lord. Help my unbelief! I think of St. Francis and the leper, and ask myself, who is the leper in my life? Whom do I avoid or shun? Can I be more like the friends of the paralytic and go out of my way to help another person - as Francis did, as the paralytic's friends did? Lent is a time for me to reflect on that important question.

Thanks Renee. I choose the faith response.


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