Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Feb. 12, 2017

by Sister Annette Koss

The Gospel of Matthew surely talks about the inner meaning of the Commandments.
I learned about them in my three-week summer catechism classes.
The approach was black and white, about what not to do.
Jesus came along and gave nuance and fullness to these laws.
Jesus takes various laws in all their externality, and draws out of their inner roots.
Do not kill; the root word of the law is do not take an angry action against another.
You shall not commit adultery; the inside of that law is to be pure enough
      to not even look lustfully at another person.
Not to divorce is about staying faithful and loving within your marriage relationship.
Rather than taking an oath and swearing by God,
      simply say yes or no and mean it -– be real.
The inside of the law is written in our hearts.
We have only to pay attention and listen.

Jesus, let us grasp your law: justice, love and compassion.
Let the law make us holy.
You showed us with your every breath just what it means to be holy.
You are the wonder, the goal, and the summit of the law.
Teach us. Turn all of our law-keeping into love.


Remembering Sr. Jackie and Sr. Ann as living the inside law with kindness and love...

Thank you Sister for your encouraging & mindful reflection, and how Jesus draws out of the inner roots the fullness, and yet simplicity, of his Commandments.

Prayers & sympathies, eternal rest grant them O Lord. Barron's LANNON

Yes, when I became an adult with young children of my own, I more and more came to realize how 'natural' it is for babies, toddlers, young children to respond to 'wonder,' 'awe,' 'the loving goodness of creative energy' that manifests in many and varied ways - in making fun foods, singing and dancing and playing together, hanging out the wash and running through the sheets, making tents out of blankets, finding toads, worms, birds' nests ....... I came to 'see' how necessary it is for children to grow up in an environment that 'blesses' life all around us, so they feel a connection to 'blessed-ness,' itself.

Thoughts. Words. Actions. Each one matters. Each one has an impact. We must choose carefully; wisely, as the saying goes. Prayerfully. Discerningly.

Awareness, Appreciation, Reverence, Respect, Care.

Marveling at the many and varied wonders of God all around us, I feel, is the beginning of 'honoring the decrees of the LORD.'
"Blessed are they who observe what the LORD decrees,
who seek God with all their heart." Ps 119

"Open my eyes, that I may consider the wonders of your law." Ps 119

"... if you trust in God, you too shall live;" Sir.15


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