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Reflection for Easter Sunday 2012

Reflection for Easter Sunday 2012

As Easter people, we help heal a hurting world

by Sister Jane Riha

In the Gospel of John, proclaimed on Easter, Mary Magdalene waits outside the tomb.  When she peers in, there is disbelief and overwhelming grief because the body of Jesus is not there. Simon Peter and John are beckoned to come and see; they run, look in and see only burial cloths. We share much in common with these three persons. Stand with Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John and enter into the experience trying to see it through their eyes.  Something of your own life circumstances may be revealed through this prayer experience.

Our Easter Liturgies call us to rejoice in the Risen Lord!  The Easter Vigil of the Resurrection of our Lord and Easter Sunday are days when we truly celebrate this joy in faith. The spirit of Easter is joy and peace. The circumstances of life are not always joyful and peaceful. Belief in the abiding presence of the Lord in one's life, gives one the strength and courage to walk in joy and peace even in difficult times.

The invitation of Easter includes living a Gospel way of life daily. Mary Magdalene, John, and Peter were disciples of the Lord who proclaimed the good news. The presence of Jesus in the world then was revealed through them. Our present world needs joyful Gospel proclaimers. We, too, are called to witness the Gospel of peace, joy, and compassion to a hurting world in need of healing. This is our challenge and vocation as followers of the Risen Lord.

Thank you Sister Jane for the reminder of our challenge to be joyful Gospel proclaimers in this broken world. Have a Blessed Easter.

Thanks, Jane, for inviting us again to be joyful 'Good News' bearers in the simple events of daily life.


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