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Reflection for Dec. 8, 2013

Reflection for Dec. 8, 2013

During Advent, what are you waiting for?

by Sister Rose Jochmann

Have you been able to take some time to remember what the Advent season is about?  We are celebrating that Jesus, the Son of God, became one of us and came to live among us as a human being.  We are celebrating that Jesus continues to live with each of us Christians!  

The Church sets aside Advent as a time of preparation for the Feast of Christmas.  It is a time of WAITING.  As Catholics, it is difficult to maintain an Advent spirit, a spirit of WAITING.  It is especially difficult when some homes have been decorated for Christmas since before Thanksgiving and when stores have had Christmas merchandize displayed since mid-October.

Advent is a time of WAITING.  Waiting calls us to the virtue of patience.  This season of Advent provides many opportunities to practice patience:  during heavy traffic, in long times in stores, with children who become very excited about Christmas.  These moments of waiting could turn into times of remembering what all the rush and excitement is really about.  It is a time to remember that Jesus came to live among us.  Jesus continues to live among us.

Reflection question:
What can you do to remind yourself that it is the season of Advent?

Wonderful reflection! You put everything in simple terms that everyone will be able to understand and grasp. We are a people in WAITING--during Advent for Christ's birthday and right now for His second coming. Patience, people, patience!


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