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Reflection for Dec. 7, 2014

Reflection for Dec. 7, 2014

Do you hear what I hear? Prophets call us to get ready for Jesus

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by Sister Mary Ellen Lowney

It is my privilege to reflect with you on the readings for the Second Sunday of Advent. I find it helps to have a setting for the readings. Today the first reading is from Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet. The second is from Peter -- New Testament. The Gospel according to Mark is about John the Baptist and his message to us.

Isaiah firmly believed the Word of God at the time of the fall of Adam and Eve when he said, "I will send the promised one, the Messiah." What is God saying to you and me about proclaiming the Word of God during this Advent season? To paraphrase Isaiah, "Speak tenderly, give comfort, cry out the Good News."

St. Peter says, "With God there is no time," an often repeated statement. How do I control my time? Do I hoard my time or do I easily give my time to those in need? Do I spend time in prayer and in providing for family and neighbor and in thanksgiving for all that is?

Mark's Gospel announces that Jesus, the Messiah, is here, and his cousin John urges us to change those ways that distance us from Jesus. Let's you and I ask for the grace to listen carefully to the words of God proclaimed in the Gospel.

I'm searching to know my areas for repentance. How about you?

Thank you kindly and a Blessed Christmas!


Thank you, Sister Mary Ellen. It was so very good to read your words. It has been some time since you've 'spoken tenderly' directly to me.

Thanks, Mary Ellen, for your challenging questions that the readings call us to consider this Sunday.


Time is such an issue during the Advent season--"I have to get my shopping done in time" or "I can't believe how little time I have before Christmas comes," but your reflection so valuably reminds us that this is not how God wants us spending our time at all. It is in contemplation of Him and His love for us, and our love for each other, that He wants us to spend our "time" on... to simply look around, and be aware of the trials that others face, and help lift their burdens, and allow the beauty of the season to unfold before us contemplatively. Thank you!

Thank you, Sister Mary Ellen! It is so good to hear more of the wisdom you have to share - now as in many years past! Time is, indeed, the precious gift we can give, and the most valuable in God's view - and certainly to those near to us who truly need such a gift to thrive and to grow!


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