Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Dec. 3, 2017

by Sister Donna Koch

The Advent Season leads us to reflect on the journey of the past and the challenges of the present as we look with anticipation toward the future.  The prophet Isaiah ponders all three in a dramatic, emotional plea for God to remember those who seem to be wandering.  He acknowledges the people’s feelings of “lostness” in the guilt of their failings and then gives comfort with the tender, molding image of God as potter.

In the Responsorial Psalm we see the beautiful images of God as the shepherd of Israel, and as the vine planter.

St. Paul in the letter to the Corinthians is filled with gratitude for the way God has enriched them.  He reminds them (and us) that we have all the spiritual gifts needed because of Jesus.  He wants us to remember that God is always faithful.

As we ponder the Gospel there is a felt urgency in the words to be “watchful and alert.”   We are asked to reflect on the images of the man traveling abroad, the alertness of the gatekeeper keeping watch and the trust that is needed in giving responsibility to others.   

Jesus’ words remind me that I have no control over how my life will unfold.   Unexpected events pierce my outer composure causing me to listen in a new way, watch with alertness, sit quietly at the bedside of someone I love, or reconsider my values and priorities.  My agenda changes in a flash.

It seems that more than anything during this Advent Season we must put our ear to God’s heart and continue to walk this journey with faithfulness.  As we do so we give thanks for all that has been, for all that is, and for all that will be, remembering that our past or present situation is not our final destination!


Called to BE...present , thank you, Sr. Donna, for the reminder!

This was a thought-provoking reflection and I am sure it will be on my mind as Advent comes. Thank you, Sr Donna.

Watch With Alertness...thank you Sister Donna for the loving reminder...


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