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Reflection for Dec. 22, 2013

Reflection for Dec. 22, 2013

Joseph changes his mind after God changes his heart

by Sister Laura Zelten

On Sunday we light the fourth candle of the Advent wreath. The circle of light is complete and we are only days away from Christmas. The readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent call us to remain open to God and be surprised.

I think that is what happened to St. Joseph. In Sunday's Gospel from Matthew we hear the birth of Jesus from Joseph's point of view. Joseph is faced with a situation that he thinks he knows the best and most just solution. But then an angel of the Lord appears in a dream and tells Joseph that Mary has not been unfaithful and that the child is from God. Joseph has to rethink what is the proper course of action. Joseph is truly an honorable man because of his willingness to trust in God and take Mary as his wife.

Our faith tells us that God is always in the picture. Sometimes we need to re-evaluate and reconsider our actions as the Spirit works in our lives. On occasion we, like Joseph, have to put aside plans to do the will of God. So as we move through Advent toward Christmas we are reminded of God's capacity to guide us to act in surprising ways.

How do situations look different once I put God in the equation?

God, help us to always remember that you are at work in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

it is good to remember of God's capacity to guide us. It is amazing what can happen in our lives when we make Him our priority in life. thank you for sharing this message.

S. Laura,
Thank you for a beautiful and CHALLENGING reflection -- that can be applied to various situations around us. Peace!

I often wondered why I have three children. In high school, I did not want any or to even get married. I believe that God does work in mysterious ways and everything is a part of His plan. I was suppose to get married and have those three children--even if it was not a part of my plan. God knows best!


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