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Reflection for Dec. 2, 2012

Reflection for Dec. 2, 2012

Advent -- A time to begin again and grow closer to Christ

by Sister Ann Rehrauer

Happy New (liturgical) Year!  One of the great things about the mercy of God and the Catholic Church, is that we get second chances - opportunities to start over and get it right.  Each time we mess things up, we say we're sorry and can begin again. Whenever we practice a new skill we get better at it.  And every time we visit sacred places or celebrate sacred times, we understand and appreciate them in a new way. We all need and want "do-overs" - and today, we get one.

Last week we ended one liturgical year on the feast of Christ the King and today in Advent we begin a new Church year.

Liturgy celebrates the journey of life and tells the story of our salvation. During these four weeks of Advent, we read Chapter 1 set in Bethlehem as well as the Epilogue of Christ's coming in glory at the end of time. And during the rest of the year, we'll hear everything contained in the intervening chapters.

You and I are the "sandwich" generation whose living happens between Bethlehem and the End of Days.  For the next four weeks we'll dress in purple, watch the sun sink lower and the days grow shorter, and light the candles on the wreath.  We'll shop and wrap and connect with others, but we'll also feed the hungry, visit the lonely, and do all we can to hasten that final day.

May this new liturgical year be, for you and for me, another chance to "get it right."  And in case we don't, may we rejoice in a Savior who came, who will come again, and who comes every day to love us and to help us begin again.

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Find a quiet space this week and reflect on someone in your life who has shared his or her faith and inspired you in your journey of faith.  Pray for that person.  Consider writing to that person and sharing how he or she has touched your life.


Thanks, Ann, for telling us to begin again.


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