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Reflection for Dec. 13, 2015

Third Sunday of Advent invites us into God's joy

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Gaudete Sunday!  On this Third Sunday of Advent we are encouraged to “shout for joy”, “be glad”, “exult with all” our hearts, “fear not”, “rejoice”, “share”.  With all that is going on in our fragile world, how can we rejoice?  How can we be glad and not fear with all the violence around us?  
The answer may be found in our journey through this Holy Year of Mercy.  Our loving God offers us unconditional love, mercy beyond measure and graces to face whatever comes our way.  Think of how different our world would be if we were merciful like the Father.  Wouldn’t joy abound in our hearts and in the hearts of others?  Wouldn’t we share the good news of God’s forgiving love to all who enter into our lives?  Wouldn’t we rejoice that our God is with us no matter what and stands with open arms ready to embrace us with hugs of love, comfort and peace?
“Rejoice in the Lord, always.  I shall say it again: rejoice!”  (Philippians 4:4-5)


Thank you. That was uplifting.

"The Children lead The Way!" I can tell you, this is Sooooooo True!!! Children "know" what to be happy about! They "know" Real Love when they "see" it! Well, actually, and including, when they FEEL it, "see" it, "hear" it, "taste" it, "smell" it (yes, even in Grama's perfume spray; even in Grampa's cologne; even in Grama's & Grampa's house when they come for Thanksgiving turkey, for Christmas ham, and to play with all their cousins --- Yes, Children KNOW Love when they experience it! So should we ALL "become like children" again -- opening up to, absorbing, taking in ALLLLLLL the Good LOVE Our Beautiful Heavenly Father bestows and showers upon us, each and All! "JOYOUS ADVENT & CHRISTMAS!"

Here is another "take" on this, which I think IS VERY GOOD:

The message of JOY and REJOICING is followed with the Gospel Reminder to SHARE WITH THOSE IN NEED, for it is "THEN" that the GOD-OF-PEACE is WITH-US.

Extraordinarily Simple, isn't it? But oh-so-difficult for those who don't want to let go...........

Thank you, Sister!

Thanks, Lynne! Good words to live by. Let us REJOICE...and show mercy!

Thanks, for words we can take to heart.


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