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Reflection for Aug. 4, 2013

Reflection for Aug. 4, 2013

Do you and I have enough of the right stuff?

by Sister Jackie Capelle

While Jesus is teaching his disciples, a rich man comes to Jesus and wants help in getting his share of the family inheritance.

Jesus uses this event to teach about the trap of possessions. The rich man has much, and yet wants even more. Jesus is aware that the rich man doesn't understand what is really important. In Jesus' eyes, the other man is really poor.

Reflecting on this parable made me think of St. Francis of Assisi. Francis and the rich man are truly opposites. Francis gives away what he receives and is happy in doing this. The rich man is happy in keeping all things for himself.


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chapter 26, US Catholic Catechism for Adults

You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
Second Commandment

by Sister Laura Zelten

We must respect God's name and never use the name of God, Jesus, Mary, or the saints in an improper way. This means that when we take an oath or make a promise in God's name, we must be true to it. We should also respect our name and strive for holiness. God made us and knew us from the beginning of time. Our name will be with us into eternity.

This commandment forbids blasphemy, a sin that involves hateful words against God, Jesus, or even the Church. The Second Commandment invites us to respect God's name. Doing so belongs to the virtue of religion as it applies to our daily speech and reverence for the name of God (CCC 2142).


Good job. nice reflection questions..

Two of my favorite things to do....

Downsize and donate.

Thank you Sister Jackie and Sister Laura for the reflections.


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