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Reflection for Aug. 26, 2018

Reflection for Aug. 26, 2018

Yes's, no's and maybe's

Commitment. That's the word that comes to mind while reflecting on Sunday’s readings.

Commitments -- such as following Jesus, being in relationship with others, etc. – go hand-in-hand with sacrifice. To say “yes” to a commitment can entail saying “no” or “maybe later” to something else, but it can also bless us in ways we cannot imagine. You and I are called to pursue the "Spirit that gives life." May we answer as Simon Peter did: "Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

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CommentBubbleAt first glance, the image seems overwhelming, as the one person in the center appears 'lost,' 'alone,' 'confused ...' But as I re-look, I focus on the Center, itself, not on the one individual, lone seeker. With the Center as the focus, I see many more possibilities, yet all emanate from and return to the Center.

As I contemplate the Center as both Source/Beginning and Destination/Fulfillment, the paths are not limited to the mere 6 we see, paths made by human endeavors, but the entire Circle leads and forms Itself outward, ever expanding, ever-widening LIFE, itself. That is the Great Beauty of Life-with-God: there is no path that is not All-Life, All-Love, All-Light. Life-with-God is "All." All-encompassing, All-inclusive, All-'knowing.' All-wise. -- Linda


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