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Reflection for Aug. 26, 2012

Reflection for Aug. 26, 2012

Each day is an opportunity to choose discipleship

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

When I was a child I remember the times when my dad would have a "surprise" in one of his hands.  He'd hold both hands, closed, in front of himself and say, "Pick a hand."  If I was lucky, I'd choose the hand that held that special candy or prize.  Otherwise, my brother or sister would be the lucky winner.

The outcome of the choice was quickly known.

In our First Reading and Gospel for this 21st Sunday in Ordinary time, both Joshua and Jesus challenge their listeners to make a choice.  For Joshua, the choice requires that the people renew their faithfulness to God's covenant.  They all agree to "serve the Lord."

In the Gospel, some of the followers of Jesus find the choice to continue with him too difficult.  Some turn away and go back to the way they were.  The disciples choose to remain with Jesus.  They trust him and believe in him even though they do not totally understand him.  They aren't sure what is waiting for them.

The choice to serve the Lord, to follow the Lord, is one we make every day.  Every morning we are challenged to live out that choice by words and actions of love, compassion and conviction. We know that our choices affect others and might inspire others to also follow the Lord of love.  We may not see the outcomes of our choices quickly but we know and believe that a prize beyond our imagination will be waiting for us when we meet the Lord face to face.

Thanks, Lynne Marie, for a thought provoking reflection. It is easier said than done to say you trust Jesus. Paulette

Good job! Thanks for your wisdom.

Thanks for reminding me that I can make choices each day that will affect others or myself even if that choice is difficult.


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