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Reflection for April 6, 2014

Reflection for April 6, 2014

Jesus shows us that our earthly lives are part of God's plan

by Sister Laura Zelten

In this week's Gospel, we see Jesus perform another miracle -- raising Lazarus from the dead. This miracle may seem to contradict what the Gospel tells us in previous weeks and what we tell ourselves as we make our Lenten sacrifices: that this earthly world and all of the things of it are surpassed by the heavenly afterlife awaiting us. But if this is true, why does Jesus bring Lazarus back to life? Jesus knows heaven. Yet, he still weeps when he hears of Lazarus' death, his departure from the physical world.

It is through this miracle we are reminded that our physical presence is important and even necessary in order to achieve God's will. We can say the same for Jesus, who came in human form in order to fulfill God's plan of eternal life for all people. Would these Gospels read the same if Jesus had not become physically present here on earth? No, Jesus' life lived as a human being in a human body is what makes his sacrifices and love for us so real!


Thanks, Laura for a powerful reflection!

Amen, Sister. Nice reflection!

Heaven is for real but life here is for real, too. Thank you, Laura, for your deep thoughts.

A powerful reflectioin. It really made me think!

Thanks Laura, we ARE creatures who need to see and feel and relate to all around us.

Very poignant thoughts. We are so very special. Wonderful! Thank you.

Thanks Laura for taking the time to reflect with us.


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