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Reflection for April 5, 2015

Reflection for April 5, 2015

Proclaim Alleluiah with 'great-fulness' thisEaster

by Sister Rose Marie Buscemi

Resurrection means ... the Breaking of Bread, sharing Christ's life and learning to love one another.

Resurrection is ... God's gift of nature, the singing of birds, the smell of green grass and colored flowers -- with warm sunshine chasing the chill.

Resurrection means ... forgiveness and the ability to say, "I am sorry.'

Resurrection is .. the joy of laughing children searching for colored eggs, Easter baskets and family get-togethers.

Resurrection is ... God's love in friendships, a feeling of togetherness and laughter shared.

Resurrection is ... that time to remember God has called each of us by name.

Easter, the greatest Feast of all feasts, is a time to give thanks and praise to God, for the glory of Christ's Resurrection. With "great-fulness" for the gifts He has bestowed upon us, we say, "Thank you, God!"

Oh, the Joys of Easter and Spring!

Very nice reflection! Thanks for the great images!

Your reflection is a reminder that the world around us reminds of resurrection all year long! Makes celebrating so much easier.

What a beautiful reflection! I am going to use it for my Easter dinner reflection-it says so much! Thank you Sr. Rose!

Nice light-hearted reflection...just what I needed today!

Thanks for the reminder that 'resurrection' happens all around us everyday. We just need eyes of faith to see it.



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