Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI
Reflection for April 29, 2018

Reflection for April 29, 2018

A place in God's heart

We share a connection and it’s greater than a telephone, a television or a computer. It is Jesus Christ.

The focus of Sunday’s readings reminds us of our dependence on God. First we hear from Acts how the Holy Spirit (through us, not because of us) builds the Church, followed by John’s letter which states that God is greater than our hearts and God knows everything. Finally, we hear the vine and branches metaphor in the Gospel. When we are with Jesus we bear fruit.

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CommentBubbleBefore I went to the reflection link, my very first thought upon seeing the bunch of grapes was how that bunch of grapes, the beautifully ripened fruit of the vine, must be 1) picked from the vine (separated, removed - as in 'death -' as was JESUS dying, then dead, on the cross); 2) crushed and squeezed, with everything of its 'life' being drained from itself, from its original property; 3) made into, turned into, transformed into a "new" property - wine. -- Linda


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